Why come to Holmfirth Festival of Folk?

Holmfirth is a small pennine town which comes to life during the Festival of Folk. There has been a folk festival in Holmfirth for about 30 years. We pride ourselves on producing a community based festival involving schools, local talent, most businesses in the town and, of course, a small army of volunteers. Our income is tiny compared to most festivals on the circuit and comes mainly from sponsorship, grants, public collections and ticket sales.

Holmfirth Festival of Folk 2021 will be live streaming three fantastic concerts  on
 Saturday, May  8th


O'Hooley and Tidow, Bob Fox, The Magpies, Harp and a Monkey, The Hayes Sisters and PlumHall will be there!


Dear all,

Here at Holmfirth Festival of Folk, we are looking forwards to the 2021 Festival

Current plans are to live stream three concerts plus what ever else we can fit in, on Saturday 8th May from the Tech in Holmfirth.

O'Hooley and Tidow, Bob Fox, The Magpies, Harp and a Monkey,The Hayes Sisters and PlumHall are booked! 


No tickets, it will be "pay as you can afford" via the link on the Stream.

Further information will be posted here and on our Facebook pages as it comes available


In the meantime, please support the critical venues that we rely on, such as the Civic and the Tech, and, of course, the musicians through buying merchandise or whatever you can. Most have been ignored by the Government through being self-employed and the fact that the Government hasn't an ounce of Culture, caring not a jot for anything unless it can make them (or their friends) money.



In the meantime, stay safe, and we look forward to seeing many of you soon.


Alex Bywaters

Hon Chair Holmfirth Festival of Folk