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Music 2024 (work in progress!) 

We have a fantastic array of artistes this year



Friday -   Merry Hell  , with support from Lazlo Baby
Saturday afternoon - the Grace Smith trio with support from Wychbury
Saturday evening -Rachael McShane and the Cartographers with support from the Carrivick Sisters
Sunday lunchtime - Howay the lasses with support from Painted Sky  
Sunday evening -  Double bill of Dead Belgian and the Yorkshire Gypsy Swing Collective plus jam session after

Friday Folk club hosted by Sue McBurney, of the Pie Crust Folk Club with guests
Saturday Folk Club hosted by  Peter Garratt of the Beehive Folk Club with guests


Pubs aka Fringe   YET TO BE ANNOUNCED

Old Bridge; Friday Eve TBA, Saturday pm TBA, Sat evening TBA, Sunday pm TBA

Sunday evening TBA

Post Card Friday eve TBA  Saturday pm TBA  Sunday pm  TBA

O'Brien's Friday eve TBA  Saturday eve TBA   Sunday pm TBA   Sunday evening TBA

Taphouse  Friday evening TBA Saturday evening TBA  Sunday 5pm TBA

Ten-14 Friday evening TTBA  Saturday evening TBA  Sunday evening  TBA

The Nook Friday evening TBA   Saturday evening TBA  Sunday eveningTBA

Elephand and Castle  Friday evening TBA

Farmer's Arms Saturday evening TBA

Cask Friday evening TBA  Saturday evening TBA  Sunday evening TBA

Holme Coffee House  Saturday from 4 pm  TBA  Sunday from 4 pm TBA

Music for dancing

On Friday night we present French Dancing with Le Vendredi Danse
On Saturday night there is a Ceilidh with Bellamira
On Sunday afternoon we have a family Ceilidh with the Ribble Beck Band  (tbc)

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