There's music in venues across town who are providing entertainment, including;

Friday 11th
Aldea – Cerys Allatt  from 20.30
Ribbles (on Hollowgate) – Jake n the box from 20.30

Saturday 12th      
Bloc – Blackpool Bridge at 13.30, Sasha & Ursula Glendenning and 14.30
Ribbles – Christine Avis at 20.30
Aldea – Holme and Dry at 14.00, Plant and Taylor at 15.00
Sids Cafe – Spoken Word event hosted by Monolgue John at 18.00
Whippet and Pickle – Sharpish at 15.00, Don Barrell Gents at 16.00


Sunday 13th   
Whippet and Pickle – Yan Tan Tether at 14.00
Bloc – Emilia Hill at 14.00

Please note that all these fine establishments will be open throughout the festival. Please support them as they support the Festival of Folk.