Holmfirth Festival of Folk prides itself on the number and variety of dance sides which attend the Festival each year. Saturday afternoon's procession is a spectacle not to be missed and the different sides can be seen performing around the town across the weekend. There are also opportunities to try something new at one of our dance workshops or to join in at the ever popular ceilidhs.

This year's day of dance 23 October 10am - 4pm

Sides performing and their tradition

Slubbing Billy's - North West

Sheffield City Morris Men - Cotswold

Milltown Cloggers - North West

Saddleworth Morris Men - North West

Persephone - North West

Hathor Belly Dancers

Fiddle 'n' Feet - Appalachian

400 Roses - Belly dancers

Rhubarb Tarts - Molly

Feet First - Appalachian

Yorkshire Chandelier - Clog and Garland

Plus for your musical delight

Samba band ‘Valley Beats’  performing  at  12.30 - 1pm Hollowgate

Ukulele Jamboree at 1.15-1.45pm Hollowgate

Les Habitués (the house band for Le Vendredi Danse) at  12.30  - 2pm The Old Bridge Hotel.