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We're asking for donations rather than selling tickets this year on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis. We really need your donations so the festival can survive into the future. We are a small festival entirely run by volunteers.


Please donate on our Go fund me page or Paypal

Holmfirth Festival of Folk 2021 was live streamed all day from 11.45 to 21.00 
 Saturday, May  8th

O'Hooley and Tidow, Bob Fox, The Magpies, Harp and a Monkey, The Hayes Sisters and PlumHall, Birds and Beasts, Boo Sutcliffe, Ticket Collectors, Good Earth Collective and many more were there!


Festival Live Stream 

Click on the link above for the live stream Still available for a little while - until our CD is on sale Meanwhile, this is a taster of what it looks like.

And only £10 of which £5 will be going to help the Valley's foodbanks.  Keep checking for more details


Why come to Holmfirth Festival of Folk?

Holmfirth is a small pennine town which comes to life during the Festival of Folk. There has been a folk festival in Holmfirth for about 30 years. We pride ourselves on producing a community based festival involving schools, local talent, most businesses in the town and, of course, a small army of volunteers. Our income is tiny compared to most festivals on the circuit and comes mainly from sponsorship, grants, public collections and ticket sales.