A guide to the timetables...

Ticketed Concerts

(Magenta - pink if you prefer - boxes) 
Surely self-explanatory; you need a ticket to get in! For events at the Picturedrome you need to get them from the Box Office (which is down the passage between the
Picturedrome and the Old Bridge).

For other events you can get tickets in advance from the Festival Office at the Old Bridge or, once the event is ready to start, on the door at the venue itself.


Closed Event (Donation Expected)

(yellow boxes)

These are events such as smaller concerts or folk clubs in closed rooms which will carry a smaller charge or bucket donation levied at the door. Some of them offer floor spots for performers and are shown as such on the timetable; if you wish to ‘do a spot’ you need to get there early and speak to the organiser. Please note that it is bad form to barge into these events while someone is
performing - wait until the end (hopefully indicated by uproarious applause during which you can enter surreptitiously).

Open Event – no charge

(green boxes)

These generally take the form of bands playing in pubs or similar open venues for which there is no admission charge.

Participation Event – no charge

(blue boxes)

These events take a number of different forms but the thing they have in common is that you do the entertaining yourself; sing, play your instrument or watch others doing it. Singarounds are rooms set aside for people to sing, with or without instruments; normally a chairman will be nominated to determine whose turn it is next but if no-one turns up to referee, the room is there
for participants to organise themselves. ‘Entry rules’ are the same as for folk clubs.
Sessions are generally held in open rooms in which tune players join together on their instruments; again we will try to nominate someone to lead or at least start the thing off.
Workshops, etc. – donation welcome
(purple boxes)

These are also generally events in which we invite you to participate and learn a new skill
but there will be usually be a collection of some sort to which we hope you will

Street Entertainment
(orange-ish boxes)
Surely self-explanatory!  For the purposes of the timetables, anything vaguely outdoor is ‘street’!